Importance of mediation for your health and well being


When we think of meditation, we imagine Buddhists and orange robes. Meditation is a practice that has been carried out for many years. This is a very popular method of staying healthy. It is not only a spiritual treatment; many medical professionals also suggest meditation. Here are the major benefits of meditation:

Stress reduction

Meditation reduces stress. It decreases anxiety, depression and somatic diseases. Meditation allows emotions to be processed differently in a more positive way.

Improves working memorybrain

Working memory capacity increases if you do meditation. You will be able to work faster and decide things faster.


Meditation increases a person’s ability to focus on things; more specifically, focus on positive things.

Improves mental health

Meditation breaks the cycle of focusing on negative thoughts. Regular meditation has proven to change the function and structure of the brain. So, it also enhances emotional intelligence and learning capacity.

Fighting chronic pain and cancer


Meditation helps people suffering from cancer or chronic pain to cope with pain, stress, fatigue and emotional challenges.

Meditation induces feelings of clear headedness and calmness. It improves attention and concentration. Research shows that the density of the brain’s gray matter increases due to mediation.

It reduces sensitivity to pain, improves the immune system, helps to cope with complex emotions and reduces stress. Patients suffering from depression, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and chronic pain can find meditation extremely helpful.

Prayer during meditation relaxes mind; feelings of gratitude and compassion generate and so has a positive effect on wellbeing. Yoga creates a sense of union through breath expansion, ethical behavior and physical postures. Yoga helps to lower blood pressure and decrease stress. Meditation is a very effective tool for both physical and mental well being in this complex world.

6 best weight lifting exercises for body builders

Many people want to build their muscles, but don’t know how to go about it. These are some very good exercises for body builders.

1. Squats


You have to arch your back from the time you pick the weight up to the time you put it back. Your head also needs to be back. You may look up when you are doing this exercise. The chest should be out, the legs a little apart.

2. Barbell Squat

Barbell Squat

This exercise is good for your quads. It is preferred that you go down to just a bit above paralle. This will lower stress on your glutes before you start to ascent.

3. Deadlifts


These is a great exercise for overall strength. It helps to build thickness in the mid to lower part of your back. It is better to do this workout at the end of your workout session.

4. Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift

You should have your feet wide apart and arms inside your knees. You should have a strict form and maintain it throughout the movement.

5. Bench Press

Bench Press

This workout is must for building chest. You should not lift your butt off the bench or drop the weight on the chest while doing this workout. Most people don’t follow these rules as they want to load as much weight as possible so that they can boast about how much weight they have handled. While doing bench press you must let the weight down to your chest, the bar must lightly touch your chest, then push the weight up slowly towards the head.

6. Flat Barbell Bench Press


While doing this workout, don’t push everything towards your feet; the weight will feel much heavier. Don’t throw the weight up. You should emphasize on pushing your chest muscles instead.

Why should you run every morning?

Running is a very good morning exercise. It can set you up in the mood for the rest of the day. If you are not a morning person, then you can maintain discipline by waking up in the morning; no more late night sleeping. Running every morning has a number of benefits.

It makes you refreshed and energized. When you go to work after a morning run, you will feel fresh and full of energy.

You can focus more on your work and so your productivity will increase.

You don’t have to rush home to workout, as you have already done it in the morning. Often you don’t feel like working out after a stressful day. So, there’s no chance of missing out your exercise routine.

Running in the morning will help you to lose weight faster. Your metabolism will increase and so your body will burn calories faster throughout the day.

As you have to go to bed early the night before, you will not have any late night snacks. So this calorie loss will help you to lose your weight faster.

You should wake up very early in the morning so that you can make time to run before going to work. You should allow time to cool down and take a shower before you go to work. So, always carry a watch with you so that you are never late. If you decide to walk in the morning, then you need to take some preparation at night.

For example, decide what clothes to wear to work. You can get your breakfast ready also, if you think you are not going to have the time to prepare it when you come back from running. Most importantly, sleep early. To give you that extra boost, try taking some green coffee bean supplement, that can be found at Café Verde Brasil.

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